What Sawley Before and After School Club is about

The club has been in operation since 2007 and it has gone from strength to strength ever since.

The club was the initial idea of David Rattray, a parent in the Sawley area. He was struggling to find childcare for his two daughters so his solution was to open a before and after school club. This was not only to solve his own childcare problem but to help other families who were in a similar situation. David says " I wanted to create affordable childcare for all families. I also wanted a fun and friendly environment for my children to be a part of with strong links to the community". This was achieved with the help of Surinder Bhogal and Lisa Francis who have had many years experience working with children. All three together formed the Sawley Before and After School Club and are very dedicated to its growth and progress.

On the day that the club opened its doors they had two children for the breakfast club and six children for the after school club. Through lots of promotion, word of mouth, and mainly the parents support the club grew to the size it is today. Most evenings having on average 40 children.

The club has a termly programme of events which the members of staff complete alongside the children. The children always give their input as to what games or activities they would like to take part in at the club. The weekly plan is split into five different themes.

  • Monday - Games, Culture, and Community
  • Tuesday - Art and Craft
  • Wednesday - Dance and Drama
  • Thursday - Sport
  • Friday - Cooking or Free Choice Group Game

(For more information on the types of activities which are provided please see the programme of events section)

From these themes the children take part in activities such as talent shows, colouring competitions, games of cricket and many more. The club also brings in visitors from the local community to help widen the children's knowledge of the area in which they live. Some children however just like to relax after school and do not want to join in with the group activities. There is always alternative options for these children. Some enjoy reading books, others enjoy watching the television. Whatever the child's need on any particular day we aim to meet it fully.


Club Opening Hours

  • Before School: 7:00 am to 9:00 am
  • After School: 3:00 pm to 6:00 pm


Qualified Staff

The Sawley Before and After School Club have a number of level three qualified members of staff. The setting also welcomes trainees, students, and volunteers. Together they have many years of experience caring for and working with children.


Ofsted Registered

The Sawley Before and After School Club is registered with Ofsted and meets all of the requirements they set. The club has a set of policies and procedures which are available for parents and carers once they register with the club.