Meet Our Staff

Surinder is an Area Manager and Director of Sawley Before and After School Club. She is a bundle of fun! With her many years of experience in childcare, she has a BTEC Level 3 qualification and has many additional qualifications including First aid, Safeguarding Lead, Equal Opportunities, Additional Needs.

Surinder has tremendous warmth and energy and she connects well with all that meet her, children and parents alike. The dedication and effort that she has put into the Sawley Before and After School club is huge in every way.

In addition to childcare, Surinder has travelled the world and participates in many sports, social and cultural activities. She brings in a lively bubbly personality to the club which the children love and adore.

At present Surinder is focusing on new childcare ventures in Manchester in order to expand the service which is provided.


Lisa is an Area Manager and Director of Sawley Before and After School Club.  She is level headed, kind, considerate and caring. She has many years of experience in childcare and is BTEC Level 3 qualified with additional qualifications in First Aid, Safeguarding, Equal Opportunities, SENCO.

Lisa has an endearing personality which the children love and respect. Lisa has a great sense of fairness and high levels of energy and enthusiasm. The extra effort and input by Lisa into the Before and After School club is reflected in the ability of the club to satisfy the relevant authorities which childcare organisations are governed by.

In addition to childcare, Lisa enjoys playing Netball and has many extracurricular activities. She has also travelled to many different countries and brings a great sense of well being to the atmosphere within the club.

At present Lisa is focusing on new childcare ventures in Manchester in order to expand the service which is provided.


Zoe is the Manager of the setting. She has a level three qualification and as with the other staff members, she has had many years of experience working with children.

She is a fantastic Manager, professional at all times and leads a very successful team.

As a parent herself, Zoe is fully aware of the needs and requirements of the parents and children in the setting. She is a very calm person and will often work with the children on their individual tasks. Alongside the other members of staff, she plans activities and enjoys thinking of ideas that she knows the children will love.

Zoe enjoys taking part in many activities outside of work. Especially enjoying keeping fit and exercise classes. She also enjoys spending quality time with her family.


Joanne is the Supervisor of the club. She is level 2 qualified and is also a Midday Supervisor. She is a hardworking and reliable member of the team and has many years of experience working with children. 

Joanne loves playing and engaging with the children. She is attentive and will always listen to their needs. Joanne particularly enjoys creative activities.  She is a dedicated member of the team and works well alongside the other staff members supporting them in any way in which she can.


Sam is a Childcare Assistant at the club. She has many years of experience teaching children whilst she lived abroad. She is a great, hardworking member of the team who will always help wherever and whenever needed. Sam is able to engage with all the children regardless of their age. She adapts to meet their needs from the nursery age group to year six children. Sam is a fun member of staff who also encourages and role models good behaviour in line with effective behaviour management practices. 

When Sam is not at the club she enjoys dog walking which she has built up into her own business. 


Simon is a Childcare Assistant at the club. He has many years of experience working previously at a before and after school club. He also currently teaches online in his free time. Simon is a hardworking, friendly member of staff. He is creative and able to think of ideas on the spot. He understands the children's needs and their developmental stages. He always encourages this through play and activities. Simon is able to differentiate his activities so that children of any age can get involved - they are always lots of fun. Simon is a very positive member of staff and the children are always pleased to see him. 

Simon enjoys outdoor activities and will always encourage the children to spend time outside. 


Sandra is the cook who prepares all the meals at the After School Club.  She has had many years previous experience being a cook at another setting. Sandra takes into consideration the children's likes and dislikes and is great at developing their independence through mealtimes.

If appropriate she allows the children to help with kitchen tasks when preparing tea and encourages them to set the tables with cups, knives, and forks on their own. After the meal, some children really enjoy washing and drying the pots. It's a team effort! 

When Sandra gets the chance she enjoys being in the Hall and playing with the children. She is a positive, happy, friendly member of the team. 

Dave was the instigator of the Sawley Before and After School Club. He decided that something was needed in the area as he struggled to find any available and affordable childcare for his two daughters. He had the idea of a before and after school club and enlisted the help a good friend called Miranda, Surinder, and Lisa. Together they created the club with the aim to create a fun and friendly place that children would want to attend. Even though Dave is no longer a Director of the business, without his vision and determination the club would not exist today.



Club Opening Hours

  • Before School: 7:00 am to 9:00 am
  • After School: 3:00 pm to 6:00 pm


Qualified Staff

The Sawley Before and After School Club have a number of level three qualified members of staff. The setting also welcomes trainees, students, and volunteers. Together they have many years of experience caring for and working with children.


Ofsted Registered

The Sawley Before and After School Club is registered with Ofsted and meets all of the requirements they set. The club has a set of policies and procedures which are available for parents and carers once they register with the club.